About Tic Tac Toe Records

Tic Tac Toe Records was started in 2004 by the Danish DJ, Patrick Bateman.The aim from the beginning was to focus on all the Danish talents that Denmark had to offer at that time, but who didn't have places to release their music. The Danish producers didn't have much network outside of Denmark, and there wasn't any local labels that were releasing techno/tech-house/minimal, as we wanted to do. Besides releasing music from the Danish producers we also wanted to spice it up with remixes from Bateman's big network abroad, and eventually also release records from producers not from Denmark.The first 2 years we had a big focus on Hansen & DJ Daniel, Theodor Zox, BrightLight and Trentemøller. From abroad we took on Ryan Crosson (later on M_nus), Pheek (Archipel), Shadi Megallaa and a few others.On the remix side of things we had Marek Hemmann & Mathias Kaden remixing Trentemøller, Brian Aneurysm (Iron Box Music) and Maetrik (Treibstoff) both remixed Theodor Zox (the Maetrik remix got licensed to Tiefschwarz Fabric mix cd). Gabriel Ananda, Frankie and Kaito remixed Hansen & DJ Daniel. After this period new artists arrived and so did also new Danish labels. We had releases with Maetrik, Danish Cant, Italian Nperfectduo, label owner Patrick Bateman, Jack Rock. On the remix side of things we have had a Guy Gerber remix of Jack Rock, a Massi DL remix of Patrick Bateman (that is still being hammered by Marco Carola), a Ryan Crosson remix of Ecco & Justin Side and Benno Blome, Ink & Needle and Nino Raro did a great remix package of the Noughts And Crosses compilation.Today our main focus regarding Danish artists are: Blagger, Matt Vega, Jack Rock, Theodor Zox, Patrick Bateman. From abroad our main focus are: Swat Squad, Big Bully & Rufas and Shadi Megallaa.Late 2007 also saw 2 other people joining the team of Tic Tac Toe/Connect Four. These 2 great guys are Lars Gregers and Atle Thorberg. Lars will be responsible for the Connect Four A&R and also for updating the layout/graphics for both labels. Atle will be connected on a more freelance basis with helping out regarding various promotion and 'behind the scene' things.So all in all it has been 4 great years so far, and we will continue to give you new exiting music the coming many years.


Patrick Bateman
Swat Squad
Big Bully & Rufas
Shadi Megallaa
Jack Rock
Theodor Zox
Matt Vega
Atle Thorberg
Hansen & DJ Daniel
Ecco & Justin Side Ryan Crosson
Orlando Voorn Mike Shannon & Jeff Milligan
Pheek Brian Ffar
Mikael Stavöstrand & Johan Skugge
Brightlight Cant
Tomas Barfod Bigger Than
Jesus Ludovic B & Yves
K. Shek & L. Abu-Er-Rub
Mr. Kemi & Amox


Guy Gerber
Ed Davenport
Sarah Goldfarb
Gabriel Ananda
Hemmann & Kaden
Benno Blome
Ryan Crosson
Matt Vega
Ink And Needle
Massi DL Frankie Patrick Bateman
Lucy & Chevel Niño Raro
J HunsbergerKaito
Fusiphorm Brian Aneurysm
Lasse Lovelace
DJ Lab Morten FreshDJ Spell
Martin Decara

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