about [nutation]

[nutation] is one of the few romanian labels, being exclusively dedicated to clubbing music, focused on: minimal , minimal tech, techno, with dark influence.
Created at the end of 2006 by Task Kreed as netlabel and at the end of 2009 transformed in label,The label’s objective is to promote his specific electronic sound, created by his members and to promote them, too.
[nutation] can be translate through values as passion and respect for electronic music, quality, innovation, performers creativity and personality; making itself noticed through its specific and distinct sound,as well as though its representative and original layout.

Our releases are available at : JUNODOWNLOAD, DJDOWNLOAD, BEATSDIGITAL for now...

EP releases

[nuEP01] Task kreed - maya
[nuEP02] Reaper - perc ON
[nuEP03] Task kreed - underpass to ...
[nuEP04] Shane Bugai - Splinter
[nuEP 05] Reaper - Construction kit

Podcast releases

[nu podcast 01] Aviator - promo record
[nu podcast 02] Tom Azbe - promo record
[nu podcast 03] Limpid - I.F.M.A
[nu podcast 04] Homing Pigeon - Ignition
[nu podcast 05] Cristi Cons - Splash
[nu podcast 05.1] Task Kreed & Bibicu - Profound Sound
[nu podcast 06] Limpid - Fast Lane
[nu podcast 07] Cristi Cons - Calmness
[nu podcast 08] Fouchat - Interfaces
[nu podcast 09] Reaper - Thrasher
[nu podcast 010] Shane Bugai - night of the living dead
[nu podcast 011] Sakid - underdome riot
[nu podcast 012] 88uw - developers
[nu podcast 013] Keep On - Conscience
[nu podcast 014] zwei Töne - auf dem Weg zur Hölle

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